Simulations à Multi-Niveaux
(Multi-Scale Simulations)

PresentationPresentation of the founder


My expertise in turbulence modelling has been developed at Polytech'Orléans then at the University of Ottawa and applied as consultant for Total. I have also taught at the University of Strathclyde.
I have studied the multiphase flows at NTNU (Norway) and I have applied at EDF to model the droplets created in low-pressure steam turbines (condensation at non-equilibrium), at Total to model the steam and solid particles injected in a Fluid Catalytic Cracking reactor with a fluidised bed, and during my PhD for two-phases flows in rocks.

Creation of SIMUNI

Since a long time, I was thinking to open a new business with new approaches. Following a close collaboration with Miss Bagdagul Dauyeshova for her research, her supervisor has asked me to continue under a contractual form. SIMUNI has been created the 1st March 2018 to meet their needs in the first phase.


The beginning

I started by studying automotive, especially the internal combustion engines that I have a baccalaureate (equivalent to A-level) and a BTS (equivalent to High National diploma). During those studies, I learnt the bases of programming in self-taught. Indeed, I created my first programs at the age of 16-17 years old to find, quickly, my notes with images and menus on my graphics calculator. In my BTS internship at Renault, I proposed a mini-program based on the HTML language to diagnose the failures for the powertrains test-benches at the research and development centre at Lardy.

The engineering

Wishing to design new products, I followed a post-secondary scientific preparation to enter at Polytech’Orléans (engineering school) in the ‘Grandes Ecoles’ system. During these studies, I had several industrials experiences:

  • Condensation at non-equilibrium for low-pressure steam turbines in the two last stages at EDF.
  • Characterization of prototypes exchanger for cooling steering at institute Prisme.
  • Laboratory thermal diagnostic at Filtrauto.
  • Install-Repair-Diagnostic of heat pumps at LPE.
As consultant at SEGULA, I realised for Total an erosion-corrosion study in a Fluid Catalytic Cracking reactor with a fluidised bed (two fluids, two porous media, 15 million elements, 15 billion of particles represented by a PDF (probability density function) in each cell, several UDFs developed to analyse the erosion, corrosion, and efficiency of cyclones).

The research

My thirst of knowledge conducted me to the research and I liked it at EDF and during my experience at the University of Ottawa on the spectral methods (turbulence). Following these experiences, I wanted to have a PhD on multiphase flows. Thus, I applied at the University of Strathclyde and I have developed a 2D code to deal with multiphase flows in complex geometries. This code can quickly simulate with an automatic mesh generation. I have proposed a better treatment of the non-slip condition at the wall and a redefinition of the wetting condition: without using the real surface (only use the mesh) and taking into account of the flow to get a solution more realistic than previously proposed.